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Edward Keeling Jordan

Hello and welcome to my blog.  With it I hope to present a good assortment of original content coupled with some interesting stuff I find in my travels.  This calls for a little bit of introduction.

I am a fifty year old guy living in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  I was born in a smaller town called Enid, Oklahoma but have spent most of my life right here.  For background on my hometown –>>  We are home to the now world-famous Oklahoma City Thunder NBA basketball team. –>>  I am married and have a soon-to-be 25-year-old son.  I have worked in a number of different jobs including, a television camera operator, a zoo keeper, a grocery store stocker, drug and alcohol counselor, and pizza delivery driver.  I enjoy fishing, gardening, reading, computers, history, and genealogy.

I attended a small private school called “New World School” from grades  3 through 8 and Bishop McGuinness Catholic High School where I graduated somewhere in the middle of the class ranking.  I have dabbled in college but remain a chronic undergraduate.

My journey into political awareness has involved the entire spectrum of political affiliations and philosophies.  My family is very Republican, so I too became a Republican when able to cast my first vote.  I believe that the duty of a citizen is to be active and knowledgeable about the function and role of government and in fitting into this I became involved in precinct level politics.  I hosted a GOP caucus meeting in my apartment and was elected to represent that precinct in the graduating conventions culminating in being a delegate to the Oklahoma State Republican Convention.  Over time I grew older, had a child, and continued to read, observe and mature.

Eventually this led me to a total change of political direction.  This wasn’t a sudden epiphany, but a gradual one based on what I feel was a growing awareness that I as an individual was only a small part of a community.  That community’s success, I concluded, was dependent upon those who put their personal value into its proper perspective.  A person could not be isolated or independent of the community as a whole.  I had to consider all of that community’s members as valuable to me and are linked to my own personal value.    I became a proud member of the Democratic Party.  I feel the Democratic Party best represents my personal philosophy and I will work tirelessly toward realization of that ideal.

That being said, I am a “happy warrior”.  Not one to become agitated at those who disagree with me, I welcome any debate, discussion or presentation of differing views.  I have many Republican friends and of course continue to have a Republican family and I love them very much…I just don’t agree with their political thought.

Feel free to comment any time the mood strikes you…I will answer and welcome your views.  After all, you, the reader are members of the community that I value so much.


EK Jordan